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Moxa – use according to Western Medicine:

– strengthening the immune system
– regulation of the nervous system
– regulating the functioning of the endocrine (endocrine) system
– improving the qualitative composition of blood, improving the function of white blood cells and platelets
– a significant effect on the blood circulation system, including the regulation of disorders related to excessive bleeding
– improvement in the functioning of the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems
– control and inhibition of inflammatory diseases
– pain relief
– improving blood circulation and regulating blood pressure
– supporting the treatment of oncological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases

Types of moxa:
1. Moxa cigars

The most popular and convenient to use. They can be used alone at home, they come in different sizes and diameters. Cigar moxes are used by holding directly over the point that you want to warm, closer or at a distance from the skin, moving them in circular or longitudinal movements.

2. Moxa directly on the skin

For this purpose, appropriately formed cones made of the so-called cotton wool (prepared herbal mugwort in a loose form). They are burned directly on the skin, removing them before the heat reaches the surface of the body. Slice of moxas are also available, which we place by sticking them on the body. Stand with a plaster, allow safe use of moxa and avoid possible burns.

3. Moxa for acupuncture needles

Experienced therapists use the moxa technique on the needle. It consists in placing a specially adapted moxa on the tip of an acupuncture needle through which the heat gradually penetrates inside the body.