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ASP Classic Original Ear Needle


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– Strong and Reliable: Surgical stainless steel and sterilised with Gamma rays
– Injector Application: A plastic injector allows for easy placement
– Semi-Permanent: Designed to stay in place for longer periods
– Pack Size: 80-piece boxes


These ultra-fine needles are perfect for auriculotherapy and are designed to stay in place for a longer treatment period. With a plastic injector, these tiny needles can be placed accurately and easily.

Delicate placement

These stainless steel ASP Classic Original Ear Needles are small, fine and ideal for intricate treatments. You can quickly get the needle into place using the plastic injector and secure its position with a small patch of adhesive which comes with the needles.


These needles are designed to stay in place for your prescribed treatment time. Nickel-free, these are made from surgical-grade stainless steel to remain safe and comfortable while in use. These needles are sterilised with Gamma rays and have a shelf-life of five years.