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ASP Gold Ear Needle 80 pcs


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  • Strong and Reliable: Surgical stainless steel and sterilised with Gamma rays
  • Easy to Place: Plastic injector allows for quick and easy placement
  • Individual Needle Packaging: One needle per blister with plastic injector
  • Specialist Use: Designed for auriculotherapy
  • Pack Size: 80 needles


ASP needles are the brainchild of the French company Sedatelec, world specialists in auriculotherapy and are a fantastic choice for practitioners offering ear acupuncture. These needles are hypoallergenic with a gold plating and are easy to place.

Simple placement

Ultra-fine positioning is essential for auriculotherapy and these tiny needles are easy to place thanks to the plastic injector that comes with them. The injector holds the needle and allows you to get the position perfect, holding it in place with a hypoallergenic adhesive patch.

Long life

Sterilised with Gamma rays, these ear needles can be used for up to five years from the production date. Individually packaged with one needle per blister, this makes them ideal for both busy auriculotherapy practitioners and professionals who only use ear needles sporadically.