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Acupuncture needles stainless steel without tube DONG BANG 100 pcs

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  • Strong and Reliable: Surgical stainless steel with high tensile strength
  • Easy to Place: Silicone coating makes placement quick and simple
  • Individual Packaging: One needle per blister so you can control how many you use
  • Choice of Sizes: Pick from five lengths and seven widths
  •  Pack Size: Each box contains 100 needles






Acupuncture needles stainless steel without tube DONG BANG 100 pcs

The DongBang DB102 is one of the most popular acupuncture needles. Made of stainless steel. Easy to use and incredibly strong, perfect for many applications. Its high strength and anti-corrosive properties make it a needle you can rely on for every session.

DB102 acupuncture needles feature Korean style handles that are made of tightly wound stainless steel wire. This means that they can be used both for electroacupuncture and moxotherapy treatments. Korean style handles, no loops.

Each needle is individually packaged without a guide. This is ideal if you don’t want to open a multipack of needles or only need one needle. Having individually wrapped needles gives great flexibility of use and prevents contamination of additional needles.

Thanks to the tip covered with silicone, inserting the needle is extremely simple.

EO gas sterilization ensures safe use of needles for three years from the production date; perfect for both occasional users and regular practitioners.

Needles for acupuncture and dry needling with a steel handle without tube.


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0,18×15 mm, 0,20×40 mm

With guide tube

without guide tube