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Dry needling needles with a SILVERED handle and a guide 100 pcs. SHEN LONG SILICONE

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  • Opakowanie zawiera 100 szt. igieł
  • Prowadnica
  • Każda igła pakowana osobno wraz z prowadnicą
  • Uchwyt:  z pętelką
  • Igła wykonana ze stali chirurgicznej, uchwyt posrebrzany 
  • Posiadają certyfikat jakości CE

Producent: Shen Long, Chiny






Needles for acupuncture and dry needling with a SILVERED handle and a guide 100 pcs. SHEN LONG SILICONE

Shen Long Special Line is a new version of the popular Shen Long acupuncture and dry needling needles available only in our store!

Shen Long SPECIAL LINE dry needling needles are a product that combines the best features of needles available on the market. They are made of the highest quality Japanese surgical steel. This material distinguishes them in terms of strength and elasticity. The triple sharpening and polishing process gives them extraordinary sharpness. It provides a high comfort of work for the therapist as well as for the patient himself, significantly reducing the pain of the procedure. Thanks to an even smoother surface, siliconized needles allow with extreme ease to overcome the skin barrier, thus making the therapy practically painless.

Sterilization of Shen Long Special Line Acupuncture Needles is performed to the highest standards in a low-temperature process using ethylene oxide. This guarantees full sterility and ensures the safety of patients. Shen Long acupuncture and dry needling needles are a single-use product.

Needles with a SILVERED handle and guide Shen Long SPECIAL LINE are an excellent product, ideal for therapists who perform acupuncture and dry needling treatments in their daily work. They are also used in electrostimulation.


Shen Long Special Line acupuncture needles with a silver-plated handle and a guide are dedicated to dry needling treatments. They have a guide that facilitates the precise location of the needles.

A wide range of sizes. Short needles available from 7 mm. Needles up to 135 mm long.

SHEN LONG Special Line needles can also be successfully used in needle shaping treatments, as well as in animal veterinary acupuncture treatments.


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With guide tube

with guide tube


0,14×7 mm, 0,14×15 mm, 0,15×20 mm, 0,18×13 mm, 0,20×25 mm, 0,20×40 mm, 0,25×13 mm, 0,25×25 mm, 0,25×30 mm, 0,25×40 mm, 0,30×30 mm, 0,30×40 mm, 0,30×50 mm, 0,30×60 mm, 0,30×75 mm, 0,30×90 mm, 0,30×100 mm, 0,35×60 mm, 0,35×75 mm, 0,35×100 mm, 0,35×125 mm, 0,35×135 mm



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