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Glass cup with rubber pear size 2


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Glass cup with pear size 2:

Inner diameter: 25 mm
Outer diameter: 35 mm
Cup height: 3.1 cm
Pear height: 8 cm


Glass cup with rubber pear size 2


The cup can be used to massage the face and body, as well as to put cupping in the case of colds, inflammations and muscle pains.

Glass vacuum cup with pear is extremely easy to use. We do not need a fire or a vacuum pump to set it up. Vacuum glass cans are aspirated by squeezing the rubber pear and placing the cup on the skin.

Systematic use of vacuum cupping results in:

improved circulation
cellulite reduction,
reduction of adipose tissue,
reduction of wrinkles
firm and smooth skin.

Contraindications to the use of vacuum cups:

varicose veins,
spider veins,
swelling, bruises,
skin changes,
cardiovascular diseases
respiratory failure,
high fever (over 38.5 ° C),