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GUA SHA shell-shaped jade


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Gua sha made of jade stone.


  • length: approx. 10 cm.
  • width: approx. 5.5 cm

Natural stones have a beneficial effect on the skin. They improve her condition on many levels.

The jade stone regenerates the skin, helps remove toxins and relieves pain. It is called the “stone of youth”.



GUA SHA shell-shaped jade.

The Gua Sha plate is used to perform Chinese therapeutic massage. It is one of the oldest and rarest techniques that involves scraping and rubbing the entire body with a GuaSha stone until a red rash appears on the skin caused by dilatation of the vessels located just under the skin. Red marks after the massage may persist for several hours.

The gua sha massage aims to regain the balance between the yin and yang elements, thus opening the flow of life energy (qi). *

The Gua Sha plate made of jade stone can also be used for face massage.

Gua Sha plate massage:

stimulates microcirculation,
reduces swelling and edema,
reduces tension and relaxes the facial muscles,
improves the oval of the face, making it more distinct,
eliminates dark circles under the eyes
reduces wrinkles and fine lines,
oxygenation of the skin,
supports the removal of toxins,
improves lymph flow,
improves skin elasticity and elasticity,
reduces tension and relaxes the facial muscles,
improves skin tone,
reduces cellulite,
increases immunity,
warms the skin,
speeds up the metabolism and normalization of body weight
brings relaxation and relaxation.