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Intradermal Needles DONG BANG 50 pcs


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  • Size: 0,12×3 mm
  • Strong and Reliable: Surgical stainless steel and sterilised with Gamma rays
  • Loop Handle: Stainless steel loop handle for easy grip
  • Multi-Needle Packaging: Five needles per blister
  • Pack Size: Each box contains 50 needles ideal for professional practices



Widely used in sports acupuncture, intradermal needles were invented by the Japanese specialist, Dr Kobei Akabane. These high-quality needles only penetrate the outer layer of skin and are ideal for combating muscle soreness and fatigue.

Easy grip

Intradermal needles are tiny, making them harder to place than standard acupuncture needles. To aid practitioners, these have easy-to-hold stainless steel loop handles. This makes placement easy, even when you’re out in the field.

Long-lasting sterilisation

These needles are sterilised with Gamma rays, allowing them to stay sterile for five years if unopened. This means practitioners who only sometimes use this type of needle don’t have to worry about wastage over time. With five needles per blister, each tucked into a foam sheet, these couldn’t be easy to transport either.

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