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Magnetic cupping 12 pcs.


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Set contains:

6 pcs of  cupping with a positive magnet
6 pcs of cupping with a negative magnet

Cupping inner diameter:

2.5 cm (2 pcs.)
2.0 cm (6 pcs.)
1.5 cm (2 pcs.)
0.5 cm (2 pcs.)

Material: plastic, rubber

Fireless cupping.


Cupping with a magnet 12 pcs. RUNCI.

They combine acupuncture, magnetotherapy with vacuum therapy. They have needles with a magnetized point. They activate acupuncture points by means of negative pressure and superficial stimulation.

Application of magnetic cupping:

• migraine, headaches



• muscle and joint pain



• weakened immunity

• diarrhea, constipation


The cupping have a plastic cap with a magnetic needle inside. A rubber pump that generates a vacuum is attached to the bulb. In order to use the bulb, squeeze the pump and put it on the skin, then release it. The cupping have markings, red-S, blue-N bubbles.

Magnetic cupping  should be placed in the place of pain or organ projection zones on the skin, as well as on important acupuncture points.

Place the cupping on the muscular parts of the body with a clear subcutaneous tissue at 1 cm intervals. Do not place cupping on the spine and other bony places such as: collarbone, sternum, protruding parts of the shoulder blades, damaged or diseased skin. Protect the area around the heart and large blood vessels. Before applying the bubbles, lubricate the skin. The set includes a cream that should be used before the procedure.