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Meridius Adapta Tape, 5cm x 5m

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• Improves circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and superficial lymph vessels.
• Stimulate mechanoreceptors, alleviating painful swelling, and inflammation.
• Improves circulation in skin, muscles, fascia, and internal organs, promoting rapid recovery
• Optimize athletic performance and motor coordination through heightened proprioception
• Supports joint function, flexibility, and stability
• Improve posture and coordination


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Meridius Adapta Tape is the result of years of development and testing conducted by top athletes and renowned scientists.

This 5 cm wide kinesiology tape is comfortable to wear, but also sticks for up to 4 days due to the premium hypo-allergenic adhesive that’s being used.

Meridius® Adapta Tape is made of 97% cotton and 3% polyurethane allowing a stretch up to 140% on its length while still being firm and supportive.

Using only high-quality materials, we have created a water-resistant, bi-linearly elastic kinesio tape that doesn’t compromise the natural range of motion.

Meridius® Adapta Tape has shown great results in improving subcutaneous circulation, helping with muscle soreness, supporting joint function and stability, improving posture and muscle coordination.

Meridius® Adapta Tape is the preferred choice of many international and national level athletes from a vast array of sports including; Boxing, Weightlifting, MMA, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Gymnastics, Badminton, Tae Kwon Do, Swimming, Equestrian, Rowing.

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