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Multi-needle applicator Lyapko “Big roller” 5.0


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NEEDLE COMPOSITION: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver

BASE: medical gum


Applicator colors are selected randomly sent.

Available colors: green, red, orange, blue, navy blue

At the customer’s request, it is possible to send the applicator in the selected color, if it is available in stock at the time of order fulfillment. You should then write a message to the order and indicate the selected color.

We attach the booklet “Lyapko applicators. Application methodology ”, which describes in detail the essence of multi-needle surface therapy, the mechanisms of operation of multi-needle applicators, indications for the above-mentioned therapy and a detailed description of the procedures for specific ailments.


At home – it is recommended to wash the applicator with liquid soap and running water, dry after washing with a stream of hot air (dryer).

In medical facilities for sterilization of applicators, commonly used medical preparations for disinfecting equipment surfaces should be used. With proper use of the applicator, its expiry date is 5 – 7 years.



The multi-needle applicator Lyapko “Large roller” is a roller for reflexotherapy for dynamic impact on the skin (“million needles shower”).

Intended for therapy and diagnostics. It has the maximum spacing between the needles – 5.0 mm and the largest working surface of all Lyapko shafts.


A large Lyapko roller is used for therapeutic effects on large parts of the body: the back, loins, cross, buttocks area, chest, abdomen and limbs.

To massage the back and other hard-to-reach parts of the body with a roller, you need the help of a second person.

The roller works well as a therapeutic roller in well-built and overweight patients.

By using a roller, you can have a soothing or calming effect (e.g. in the case of pain in the lumbosacral area or in the lower limbs) and stimulating or stimulating (in the case of muscle paresis, etc.). In order to obtain a soothing effect, massage with a roller is performed over a larger area of ​​the body. The movements during the massage should be slower, and the treatment itself should last about 10-15 minutes. In order to obtain the stimulating effect, massage with a roller should be performed dynamically for approx. 5-7 minutes, covering a smaller area of ​​the body.


Swelling, lymph stasis, cellulite, sagging skin. Insufficient blood supply and poor drainage of fluids through the vessels lead to disorders of tissue nutrition, congestive processes and edema. Cellulite develops, overweight appears, and the condition of the skin deteriorates. Thanks to the use of Dr. Nikolay Lyapko’s massage roller, the speed of lymph and blood flow increases several times during the session.

Dr Lyapko large roller – is a perfect device for slimming and figure correction treatments – as a cellulite roller. Performing a massage with the “Large” Lyapko roller leads to getting rid of fat tissue, cellulite and weight reduction.

The cycle of effective application therapy is a minimum of 10-15 treatments. Treatments should be performed “on a hungry stomach”.

The roller needles do not damage the skin when they touch the skin. The method is effective and non-invasive, it completely excludes the transmission of various infections. It also does not cause any side effects.