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Needles with SILVER handle without tube SILICONE coated SHEN LONG 100 pcs


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The package contains 100 pcs of needles

  • TUBE: NO 
  • Each needle packed separately
  • Handle: with a loop
  • The needle is made of surgical steel, the handle is silver-plated
  • SILICONE coated
  • They have the CE quality certificateProducer: Shen Long, China





Shen Long Special Line needles are a new version of the popular Shen Long needles available only in our store!

High-quality needles for use in acupuncture and dry needling treatments, are also suitable for electrostimulation.

Sterile needles for single use. Sterilized with ethylene oxide.


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0,20×30 mm, 0,20×50 mm, 0,25×25 mm, 0,25×40 mm, 0,30×40 mm

With guide tube

without guide tube



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