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Press needles DONG BANG


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  • Size: 0.20x2x1,5
  • High-Quality Materials: Silicone-coated surgical stainless steel and a comfortable adhesive patch
  • Traditional Style: Perfect for ear acupuncture
  • Pack Size: Each box contains 100 needles


Press needles DONG BANG

These DongBang DB130 Press Needles are ideal for ear acupuncture as well as Japanese acupuncture. Crafted from silicone-coated stainless steel, these are high-quality needles you can rely on for your professional practice.

Precision perfect

With a handle diameter of 2 mm, these press needles are extremely small and allow for expert precision. Best applied using tweezers, these ultra-small needles are kept in place by a small, pale pink patch of adhesive tape. This allows the patient to keep the needle in place for the recommended amount of time.

Straightforward packaging and sizes

Each box contains 100 individual press needles with adhesive patches. The needles come in sheets of 10 for easy storage and use. Choose between 1 mm and 1.5 mm length with both having a 2 mm handle.

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