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Set of knurled brass pins 10 pcs + CASE


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Length: 11 cm

Diameter at its thickest point: 0.4 cm


  • Made of brass
  • Knurled non-slip structure
  • They have two types of ends – sharp and flatElegant case made of black felt protects the clavicles against scratches.



Pins are tools used in Pinotherapy / Pinopressure – a method used to treat pain, alleviate the consequences of injuries or diseases of orthopedic and neurological grounds, using techniques of applying pressure to selected points on the body.

Pins are tools made of high-quality material with precisely ground tips. On the one hand, they have a sharp, pointed end that allows for effective triggering of nerve impulses, and on the other hand, a flat tip is successfully used to work on the fascia. The embossed pattern in the center prevents the tool from slipping in your hand, giving you more control and precision of movement.

Pinotherapy, also known as Pinopressure, took its name from the combination of the words pin – pin and presura – oppression. Pinotherapy is an innovative method, the creator of which is the drug. Med. Radoslaw Składowski. It combines techniques derived from acupuncture, acupressure, reflexotherapy, dry needling, natural medicine and massage. We can classify it as one of the most effective methods applicable in the treatment of pain, alleviating the consequences of injuries as well as the treatment and support of the treatment of scars, numerous orthopedic and neurological diseases. Pinotherapy is based on the activation of specific areas on the human body. Among the many techniques used in this method, in order to achieve the desired effects, tools made of brass or steel are used: pins (nails) and knives (knives), which stimulate selected nerve centers. Thanks to this, appropriate information flowing from the brain is received by the muscular or ligamentous system. As a result, there is a reflex relaxation of the accumulated tensions and reduction of pain. As a method that uses a variety of stimuli, it is used in working with patients regardless of their age. The main goal of pinotherapy is to restore the body’s internal balance and influence the correctness of the processes responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Pins and hangers are specialized tools made of high-quality copper and steel. Due to their visual similarity, pins are also called nails. They have two longitudinally grinded tips: sharp, allowing the stimulation of skin receptors, and flat, enabling deeper penetration of the tissue. Katy are flat bars in the shape of a blunt knife. In their structure, we distinguish a rounded tip used for point pressure on specific anatomical structures. The opposite end of the knife has sharp, serrated edges to help relax the muscles and improve blood supply. They are used to compress and stimulate specific biologically active points or zones on the skin without puncturing it and damaging its structure.