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Silicone Body Massage Cupping Large

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Cupping dimension:

5 cm in diameter x 8 cm in height

Available colors: white, blue, purple, pink

The cupping is made of soft silicone. Suitable for buttocks, thighs and abdomen massage.

Systematic use of cupping results in:

  • improvement of circulation,
  • cellulite reduction,
  • reduction of adipose tissue,
  • firm and smooth skin.


Contraindications to the use of Chinese cupping:

– swelling, bruises,
– tumors,
– hematomas,
– skin changes,
– cardiovascular diseases,
– varicose veins,
– spider veins,
– pregnancy

Advantages of silicone cupping:

– they are light, impact and crush resistant,
– they can be used for many years,
– extremely easy to use,
– easy to clean – wash the bubble with soap and water

Chinese silicone cupping.


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white, pink, violet, blue