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Stainless Steel Needles with tube DONG BANG 1000 pcs


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  • Strong and Reliable: Surgical stainless steel that you can rely on
  • Easy to Place: Silicone-coated and with a high tensile strength
  • Multi-Needle Packaging: 10 needles per blister mean less packaging waste
  • Ultimate Control: Each blister of 10 needles comes with an easy-glide guide tube
  • Choice of Sizes: Pick from six lengths and seven widths
  • Pack Size: Each box contains 1,000 needles




The DongBang DB106 needle is a high-quality stainless steel acupuncture needle popular throughout the world. With high-tensile strength and anti-corrosion properties, this is a needle you can rely on in every session.

Korean-style handle

The DB106 needles have Korean-style handles which are made from tightly wound stainless steel wire. This means that you can use them for electro-acupuncture as well as moxibustion treatments. Korean-style handles do not have loops.

Easy control

These needles are silicone-coated to enable expert placement every time. With 10 needles per blister and one guide tube per blister, you can reuse the same guide tube to reduce plastic waste, making this a more eco-friendly choice for busy practitioners.

Additional information

With guide tube

with guide tube


0,16×15 mm, 0,16×30 mm, 0,18×15 mm, 0,18×30 mm, 0,20×15 mm, 0,20×40 mm, 0,25×25 mm, 0,30×30 mm, 0,30×40 mm, 0,30×50 mm, 0,30×60 mm, 0,22×40 mm, 0,25×60 mm



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