Darmowa wysyłka od 200 zł

Steel klawik


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Steel klawik 1 pc.

Length: 12 cm

Diameter at its thickest point: 0.3 cm


  • Made of steel
  • They have two types of ends – sharp and flatPossibility to buy a case for clavicles. Available in 3 sizes: S, M and M-2.

Price for 1 pc.


Klawik for grinding measuring points and measuring tools for receptors and nerve conduction by tapping and pressing on points and areas.

The crabs are made with the utmost care. On the one hand, the narrow and sharp tip works well – it helps to improve functioning. They are among the first pages to offer creating opportunities for deeper penetration

They are used in Clavitherapy – the philosophy from which Pinotherapy originates and whose creator is the Polish psychologist Ferdynand Barbasiewicz. The basic assumption of this method is to perform tapping and pressing, waiting for this instrument to be used for the tool. Eventually, your baby will be born throughout the period and new changes, disorders and disorders will slow down and appear. Both pinopress and clavitherapy are the principle of the reflex principle. A feature of clavinas, allow to distinguish clavicles, is a split in part of the editorial office from their more confident grip and a correction in the hand.