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Vaccaria herb 100 pcs.


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Zioło Vaccaria na plastrach antyalergicznych 1oo szt./op

Średnica kulki: ok. 1,5 mm


Producent: Shen Long 


Vaccaria herb 100 pcs.

The herb Vaccaria is a seed of a plant from the clove family. They are used in herbal remedies to relieve pain, relieve swelling in the eyes, and stimulate circulation.

Extremely often used nowadays in acupressure. The seeds stimulate biologically active points on the surface, and in contact with the skin, they gradually release their compounds, which are absorbed by the epidermis and penetrate its deeper layers.

Vaccaria grains stay on the skin for about 5 days. After this time, they should fall off spontaneously. In the case of ear acupressure, it is worth using them alternately, first on one ear and then on the other.

Application of the herb Vaccaria:

  • headaches, migraine
  • tinnitus
  • addiction treatment
  • neuralgia
  • insomnia
  • disruption of the work of internal organs


Vaccaria grains are placed on appropriate acupuncture points, pressed to the skin and glued (the grains are placed on a slice, just stick it on the selected point).

The stuck grains are best stimulated by applying pressure from time to time. Vaccaria balls differ from magnetic balls in that the magnetic balls, unlike the vaccaria, do not need to be additionally stimulated.